Christian History Magazine Issue #100: Anniversary of KJV

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Christian History Magazine Issue #100: Anniversary of KJV

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Contents of Issue #100
How the King James Bible Was Born
A queen’s death, a king’s inauguration, plague, religious unrest, a plot to blow up Parliament . . . this story has it all
by Dr. A. Kenneth Curtis
An Unlikely Hero: The KJ of the KJV
Chris R. Armstrong
How the King James Bible brought a “fly in the ointment” to English
Many common English phrases are word-for-word translations of Hebrew idioms by Alistar McGrath
Pre-KJV English translations
The road to the KJV ran through some fascinating Bibles; learn about these and see how they rendered the Lord’s Prayer
No overnight success
Poor KJV! Unloved from the moment of its first printing in 1611, the “authorized version” took decades to gain more fans than critics by Dr. A. Kenneth Curtis
Old book in a new world
The Geneva Bible had the first shot at becoming America’s scriptural sweetheart, but the KJV soon captured her affections by Chris R. Armstrong
The KJV: the view from today
An interview with Mark A. Noll
Was Paul against sex?
The plain sense of a KJV Text from one of his letters certainly seems to prove iT. But wait…by Roger L Omanson
They said it best Quotes from famous KJV fans
Two takes on the KJV: Films that bring the story alive
Review by David Neff
Also: R-Rated Bible; Hail to the chief’s Bible; Bible Riots; A few of King James’s Approved Rules for the New Translation; Lancelot Andrewes: Master of language; American Jews and the KJV

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